Esha Botanical Garden


Esha Botanical Garden is a family-operated company, dedicated to providing our customers with premium quality organic and highly nutritional natural supplements. We believe in cutting edge and excellent customer service.

Company Description:

As we can see the emerging trend of Pakistani people towards organic and natural products which makes the market lucrative for entrepreneurs to invest and penetrate the market. On the brim of this penetrating market, our focus is to provide organic products with extremely high quality and impeccable customer service.

Esha Botanical Garden is a Lahore-based company, with more advanced plant technologies and safe packaging. We produce crops during most of the year to cater to the demands and fulfill the promises with our customers. To ensure a profitable business, our philosophy is 100% customer satisfaction in all aspects: excellence, provision, and readiness.

Esha Botanical Garden farms are located in Hasilpur, with all the facilities provided. Since our ancestors grow old while farming in those fields so, EBG farms are well equipped and the team is well educated. The owner and entrepreneur Mr. Tahir Abbas was always dedicated and personally committed to delivering the very best. He originated the project to grow and provide healthy food items for the community in mid-2019. He believes in excellence and continuous improvement.