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1. Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder 

Moringa is native to subcontinental parts of Asia and Africa, leaves of moringa are rich in beneficial minerals and vitamins. These leaves are rich in polyphenols that can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

100 g of moringa powder contains 34 g of fiber. Fibre, especially soluble fiber, is recommended for people looking to lose weight as it suppresses appetite and makes them eat less than usual. Fibre also lowers the level of hunger hormones that the body produces.

Moringa is also rich in:

Calcium – Good for your bones.

Iron – Improves the ability of blood to transport oxygen.

Copper – Helps maintain immune function and healthy blood vessels.

Vitamin A – keeps your eyes healthy.

Magnesium – Combats depression and reduces inflammation.

Zinc – Improves immune function.

Moringa Powder and Weight Loss

The benefits of moringa powder for weight loss haven’t been extensively studied. However, few studies have shown that moringa powder can prevent fat accumulation in the body and accelerate the breakdown of fat in the body.

Also, moringa leaves are anti-inflammatory, which is good for your health when your goal is to lose weight.

It has also been shown that moringa powder works well in combination with other supplements for weight loss.

How can you consume moringa for weight loss?

Powder – You can add moringa powder to smoothies, yogurt, or shakes.

Capsules – Capsules containing moringa powder are available.

Tea – You can also make a decoction with moringa powder and consume it as tea. Because it’s caffeine-free, moringa tea acts as a relaxing beverage.

If you are taking medications for blood sugar or blood pressure then consult a doctor before taking moringa.

2. Wholegrain Quinoa Seeds (Grains)

With quinoa being an insoluble fiber, it helps increase the feeling of fullness, keeping you fuller for longer and aiding in weight loss. As it is also rich in dietary fiber and protein, it increases metabolism and reduces food cravings, thereby decreasing calorie intake. Substituting traditional grains like rice or wheat with quinoa could be a small change that will provide more protein and fiber and help reach weight loss goals. Quinoa is particularly helpful for vegetarians trying to lose weight who have trouble finding foods that will fill them up. Quinoa is also low on the glycemic index (GI) and which means that quinoa is safe for diabetes and helps keep blood sugar under control. Therefore, quinoa is an excellent choice for weight-conscious people, for it helps curb appetite and also adds a nice texture to food.

Q. Will it be okay to eat quinoa every day?

A. It is always good to incorporate different types of grains in your diet to get benefits from a different spectrum of nutrients from different foods. However, quinoa can surely be used to replace the daily grains like rice and roti as well as other pulses due to it being a complete protein as well as the vast array of nutrients quinoa contains.

Q. Is quinoa good for your diet?

A. Quinoa is rich in protein, good fats, fiber as well as a lot of vitamins and minerals thereby making it a great choice of food to be used in any diet.

3. Chia Seeds 

There are many assertions on the internet that chia seeds curb your appetite and promote weight loss. The running theory is that since chia seeds are filling and high in fiber, they keep you fuller longer. They may therefore help prevent overeating.

Two tablespoons of chia seeds have almost 10 grams of fiber. That’s around 40 percent of the recommended daily intake. Diets high in fiber have been linked to weight loss. According to 2015 research, eating 30 grams of fiber daily may help you lose as much weight as if you followed a more complicated diet.

Chia seeds are also relatively high in calories and fat. Two tablespoons have 138 calories and 9 grams of fat (1 gram saturated). When used in moderation, chia seeds may help you feel more satisfied and less likely to eat too much. Still, if you eat too many throughout the day, you may go over your daily calorie limit.

4. Lemongrass Tea 

Lemongrass tea is claimed to increase metabolism and aid weight loss. Drinking lemongrass tea on a daily basis may help you shed that unhealthy belly fat. 

What is in the box? 

1. Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder filled Capsules (80-Capsules Bottle) 

2. Wholegrain Quinoa Seeds 1000g 

3. Chia Seeds 100g 

4. Lemongrass Tea 50g 

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